magic spells hotfix


this hotfix solves a UI issue, along with some minor changes to visuals to pre-empt future updates, as well as some performance improvements/changes that may benefit low spec systems. 

the nature of the space will change going forward, so in case you felt like you missed anything from the Magic Spells update, this is the last chance:

-spell #2, 'channel rain' requires you to hold the button down.

-stand in the magic circle and play the first song on the cassette (by pressing X).

magic spells is the final update in this version (v1), and i want to sincerely thank everyone who visited at this early stage, it means a lot to me. 

with this hotfix, the bath house interior is permanently closed. if you never went inside, know that you are not missing anything.

i'll release the next little update soonish, along with a bit of write-up, its a different style

thank you to everyone who visited the shows and played the updates. I have more lined up that im excited to share


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